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Matching Independent Caregivers Directly with Home Care Clients

The Benefits to You

Find Private Home Care securely, easily, and with full matching capabilities. The benefits to Clients and Caregivers are abound!


√ Set your own wages
√ Make your own hours
√ Build your own Caregiver profile
√ Apply to Job Postings from Clients
√ Get fully insured for your work
√ Get paid by e-transfer after each shift


√ Save Money with No Fees
√ Free Access to Caregiver Database.
√ Track Caregiver Work with GPS.
√ Secure, Easy, Automatic Payments.
√ Free Online Job Postings.
√ Private, Secure Messaging System.

Client Testimonials

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The Importance of Technology for Seniors

Seniors are becoming more involved with technology, with many older adults embracing the technological age rather than shunning it. Use rates of computers, smart phones, tablets, and social media are constantly increasing among seniors. This new-found love of technology in older adults, is on the rise

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Respite Care Can Help Family Caregivers

The task of providing full time care for an elderly family member can be satisfying and rewarding, but it can also be very challenging. Caring for and supporting someone around the clock can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Therefore, breaks are necessary for caregivers to prevent burnout

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Home Support can Help Seniors Avoid Injuries

With age, our immune systems become less resilient and less effective in combatting against illness and physical injury. Not only does the immune system begin to produce less antibodies, which are cells that that help eradicate destructive toxins and viruses, but it also develops a slower response time to fight infections.

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