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Benefits to Caregivers

Why join CaregiverMatch to find Home Care Jobs?

As a Caregiver, we require you to meet minimum requirements in order to promote your Caregiver Services on our site. In order to be profiled as an approved Caregiver, you must have your information vetted by our office (online or in person). These requirements include valid photo ID, Criminal Record Check, and Education Certificates.

Once you are an approved Caregiver, you have the ability to build your own Online Profile with photos, resume and more. You will also have the ability to use our matching system and apply to online job postings from potential Clients who are looking for Caregiver Services.

A small % is charged as an administrative fee on every shift. This covers the costs of insurance, managing your invoicing and payments from Clients, managing all the job postings, and to ensure that you have a consistent and effective means of advertising your Caregiver Services to Clients in need.

As an approved Caregiver with CaregiverMatch, you are an independent contractor; therefore, you get to enjoy the benefits of being your own boss! You can choose the Caregiver Services you want to deliver, you can choose your own hourly wage, you can pick the Clients that you want to work for, and you can build your own work schedules. CaregiverMatch takes care of the rest!

Choose Your Own Wages

As an Independent Contractor, you decide your wage and can negotiate it depending on the client.

Apply for Client Jobs

Clients post jobs on our site, you receive immediate notice and apply directly with them if you choose.

Paid After Each Shift

For each shift that you work on our App, you will be paid before 11pm the next day.

Build Your Online Profile

Your Caregiver Profile will highlight your experiences, availability and client reviews.

Fully Insured for Work

Any shift that is delivered and verified through our app will provide you with full insurance.

Make Your Own Hours

Choose the hours that you can work, and even book them around your other job.

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