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Nurse Supervision

Need Additional Help or Nurse Supervision for your Care?

CaregiverMatch is not a Home Care Agency; we are a matching service for Clients and Caregivers. As a Client, you will see a substantial savings in your overall home care cost, because you essentially do a lot of the work that an agency would do for you: hiring, scheduling and management of the caregiver.

There are times where this may seem overwhelming for you. There are also times where you may be managing the care for yourself or a loved one, but the health issues involved and the level of care that is required may result in the need for a professional to oversee the care that is being provided.

We have a solution!

CaregiverMatch has partnered with Retire-At-Home Services. Retire-At-Home is a fully-accredited, nurse-managed Home Care Agency with more than 20 years of service. As a Client of CaregiverMatch, Retire-At-Home can help you manage the care you receive by providing a Case Management Package with a Home Care Nurse.

  • Weekly visits by a Nurse Case Manager to:
  • Develop and maintain a specialized care plan that suits your medical needs and personal preferences
  • Conduct home safety checks
  • Monitor or treat any issues or changes before they cause harm.
  • Review the work provided by the Caregiver, ensuring proper care is delivered and proper noting is made for the client’s file (as required)
  • Medication administration (as required)
  • Vital signs monitoring (as required)
  • Advocacy services to help you navigate the healthcare system with appointments or specialists
  • Ongoing communication with other healthcare professionals (as requested)
  • The acquisition and delivery of medical supplies and equipment, which takes the burden of managing these resources off you and your family.
  • Coordination with other required services for your home or healthcare needs.
  • Open communication with your family, as requested, to ensure peace of mind.
  • Quarterly medication review by a pharmacist (as required)
  • AND: a 10% discount on Home Care Services for emergency or last min service when your private Caregiver is not able to work.

This Case Management Package is $150 per week and includes the following from this reputable Home Care Agency:

Contact Retire-At-Home, Home Care Agency

For more information on the Home Care Agency Case Management Package with Retire-At-Home, and how it can help you manage the home care service you receive, contact Retire-At-Home directly at the information below.

This Package is only available to Clients of CaregiverMatch and is meant as an addition to the care you already receive with your private Caregiver. You can book a Free Nurse Consultation with them to discuss how you can utilize both services to maximize your service and minimize your Home Care Agency cost!


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