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FAQs for Caregivers

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions from Caregivers of CaregiverMatch.com.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at info@caregivermatch.com.

1) What are the steps I need to follow to get started as a Client of CaregiverMatch.com?
  1. Sign up with CaregiverMatch and define your health care needs.
  2. Post a Job for the services you require.
  3. Communicate with Caregivers that have applied to your job posting.
  4. Meet with qualified Caregivers (a face-to-face meeting is always recommended).
  5. Approve the Job Posting with the chosen Caregiver and begin receiving service.
2) What is the best way to find a suitable Caregiver?

Start by creating your Client Account with CaregiverMatch. Once you are a registered Client with us, you have two options to finding a suitable Caregiver.

  1. Perform a Caregiver Search using our search engine and find suitable Caregivers available in your area. Use the filtering system to find the ones that best meet your needs.
  2. Post a Job for the work you would like completed. By posted a job, Caregivers will see the work you are offering and will contact you to apply or find out more.

Once you are in contact with a Caregiver, send them a note through the CaregiverMatch website and start some dialogue with them about the job you are offering. A lot of information is in their CaregiverMatch Caregiver Profile, however, you may have more specific questions that you would like to ask.

If you are looking for a Caregiver to provide regular visits (i.e. daily or weekly service), this is considered a good client for the Caregivers. Any Caregiver should be willing to meet with you ahead of time to review the work that you would like completed and to give finalize a schedule and rate that suits you both. This initial meeting should be free of charge, almost like an interview or initial consultation for a quote. It is recommended that this meeting be at your place of residence so that the Caregiver can truly gain an understanding of the work that must be completed (i.e. see the bathroom where she will help with a shower). Understanding the work environment is an important factor for the Caregiver to quote the work and ensure that he/she is capable of handling the job.

Make a list of the tasks. CaregiverMatch has a number of forms that can be downloaded free of charge. One of them is a Chores Checklist that can be filled out. Discuss the list with the Caregiver and ensure that you provide a detailed list of instructions of the work you would like completed.

Agree on how you’ll communicate. The importance of clear communication can’t be underestimated! All Caregivers with CaregiverMatch are required to have a Smart Phone, which allows them to clock in and out of the shift when they arrive at your home. As the Caregiver if they prefer texting, calling or emailing. If you are someone that likes regular updates or frequent calls, be sure to outline this with them.

Remember, the more info you give your Caregiver about the job, the better. So take the time to cover all your bases, reiterate your requirements, and kick things off on a high note!

3) How much should I pay my Caregiver?

Each Caregiver on the CaregiverMatch network will set his/her own rates based one what he/she feels their time is worth and what they are willing to work for. As an organization, CaregiverMatch does not set any rates for any Caregiver on our site, nor do we have any decision-making power in the rates that are offered.

Some Caregivers are willing to negotiate their rate if they are being offered more hours. For example, if a Caregiver is asking for $15/hour they may not be willing to lower that rate if you are offering say 10 hours per week of service. However, they may be willing to lower the rate if you are looking for 20 hours per week of service. Each Caregiver is different and you have to ask each one individually about the rate they are willing to accept for your specific job.

You’ll find a range of rates based on a caregiver’s skills, experience, feedback, and work history. It is entirely up to you what you are willing to pay, and based on your total monthly budget and the tasks you need completed, you should speak with the Caregiver about what it will cost to do those tasks. For example, if you have a list of 10 things that you need completed each week, one Caregiver who charges $18/hour may tell you that she will complete those items in 4 hours. Another who charges $20/hour, may tell you that she can complete those tasks in 3 hours. Although you are paying more per hour with the first Caregiver, the second Caregiver sounds like she is a faster worker and the work will cost less overall even though the hourly rate is more.

Read through the feedback and star ratings of the Caregivers’ past clients. Price shouldn’t be the only thing you are considering when finding the right Caregiver. Sometimes the ones that charge more, do so for a reason!

4) What should I look for in a Caregiver?

Hiring someone to take care of your home and personal needs for you or a loved one is major decision and you don’t want to let just anyone into your home. CaregiverMatch.com offers a platform to find Caregivers that match your needs, but there are some things that you will need to discover on your own.

Here are a few important traits to consider when hiring a Caregiver:

  1. Personality – The personality of your Caregiver is one of the most important factors to consider. Although this person may have the experience and qualifications you need, it doesn’t necessarily mean will they be compatible with you or your loved one. Ask questions that will help you get a sense of a person’s compassion, empathy, patience, and selflessness. Talk to them about your family’s habits, likes/dislikes, etc, to make sure they are a good fit. Be wary if a Caregiver immediately approaches you with a list of tasks they will not do. With the exception of things that require medical expertise or that are beyond their scope of practice, a caregiver should be reasonably open to most tasks that will help improve quality of life for you or a loved one.
  2. Formal Training – It is important to ensure you are hiring someone with the right qualifications for the job. For instance, if you or a loved one requires personal care such as toileting, showering and feeding, you will need to hire a Personal Support Worker (PSW) not a Companion. Read through the lists of tasks that each type of Caregiver can perform and choose candidates that are right for position. Be honest about what your needs are, otherwise you could be putting you, your family or the Caregiver in a less-than-safe situation.
  3. Relevant Experience – Be sure to ask a lot of questions about a candidate’s relevant experience to your situation. Just because a Caregiver has 20 years of experience providing home care, doesn’t mean they have experience doing the tasks you require. Be specific and find out more about their past clients’ needs to ensure you are hiring someone that can truly help your situation.
  4. Honesty and Reliability – CaregiverMatch.com makes every effort to ensure that any Caregiver on our site is honest and reliable, however, you should do your own due diligence as well. All Caregivers on CaregiverMatch.com have a verified Criminal Record Check and Certifications for their role. All Caregivers on our site also have an insurance program that covers them for the work they perform with you. As a final stage in the hiring process, it is strongly recommended you call one or two client references to ask about the Caregiver’s work ethic.
  5. Accountability – Ask questions that will draw out the Caregiver’s ability to accept personal responsibility for their actions. If you get a sense that they are quick to place the blame elsewhere when things go wrong and do not hold themselves accountable, trust your gut instinct and look elsewhere. Remember that your Caregivers will make mistakes; after all, they are human! Owning up to those mistakes, openly discussing them and learning from them are important characteristics to have in a Caregiver.
5) What if I need help managing the services we receive? Is there someone that can help hire or schedule my Caregivers?
CaregiverMatch.com is a Matching Service only and is not a Home Care Agency. Therefore, we do not have any Case Managers or Home Care Experts that can are available to hire, schedule or oversee the care that is provided.

CaregiverMatch.com has partnered with Retire-At-Home Services. Retire-At-Home is a fully-accredited, nurse-operated Home Care Agency that provides fully customized care, and has offered all CaregiverMatch.com Clients special rates and packages for receiving their Home Care, or for managing the private care you receive from a Caregiver through our site.

6) How does the payment platform work? Is it secure?

CaregiverMatch uses the Stripe Connect payment platform to manage all transactions. Stripe is a US technology company, operating in over 25 countries, that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the internet. Stripe focuses on providing the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate on-line payment systems. Ensuring your money is transferred securely is of the utmost importance to us, and Stripe offers one of the most secure and easy-to-use online banking platforms in the world.

When a shift is verified through our GPS smartphone app, a client’s credit card is charged for the total cost of the shift (the total wages of the Caregiver). That money is transferred directly to the Caregiver’s free Stripe bank account to which they have access right away through the Stripe login. CaregiverMatch then removes a small % administrative fee from the same Stripe Bank for use of our matching system.

Here is a small diagram to show how your money flows in our system:

7) What does the Caregiver’s Insurance Policy Cover?
The CaregiverMatch insurance policy covers Caregivers during the exact hours they work with a Client as electronically verified by our system. If a Caregiver delivers any service outside of the hours posted in our system, and an incident occurs, there is no coverage for that service through our policy. Clients and Caregivers should make note of this and ensure all hours of service are electronically verified. Without proof of work and payment, there is no coverage.

All Caregivers must have annual Criminal Record Checks in order to be active in our system and covered by the insurance policy. Any Caregiver providing personal care, such as bathing, dressing, toileting and general day-to-day living assistance, must have a proper certificate (PSW, HCA, Nurse) or 3 years equivalent experience. The CaregiverMatch system allows only PSWs, HCAs and Nurses to apply for such positions, however, we can not control what happens in a client’s home, therefore, any non-qualified Caregiver providing these services is doing so outside the realm of our insurance coverage.

Our insurance policy does NOT cover the administration of any medicine, medical or psychological care.

The insurance policy has $2M of General Liability coverage, as well as Crime Coverage with 3rd party extension. This ensures that anything that may occur in the Client’s home with respect to property or asset damage is covered, depending on the outcome of investigation.

Although the insurance policy is in place for coverage on accidents and injuries, if it is found that a Caregiver has neglected to use common sense, or set out to intentionally harm a client, steal from a Client or damage a Client’s property, the proper authorities will be called in. CaregiverMatch takes these issues seriously and will not tolerate crime of any kind.

Clients must also play a role in their own safety and the safety of the Caregivers. If it is found that a client is neglectful of a Caregiver’s safety, abuses a Caregiver in any way, or steals from a Caregiver, the proper authorities will also be called to investigate.

These are all extreme circumstances, but it is important to highlight what is expected. Clients and Caregivers must always use common sense, treat each other with respect, and act in a kind and gentle manner. Doing so, will make the experience of giving and receiving care a wonderful one.

8) What if there is a problem with the work that was performed, or if I want to contest a shift?
9) How do I provide Client Feedback on your site?
10) What is the Cancellation Policy on CaregiverMatch.com? i.e. What do I do if I want to cancel a shift or cancel service altogether with a Caregiver?

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