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Eco Friendly Business

CaregiverMatch is an Eco Friendly Business!

As mentioned throughout this site, there are many reasons to choose CaregiverMatch as a solution to either your home care needs, or for your home care work. In addition to all the benefits you receive, our Earth also receives a few benefits. CaregiverMatch is arguably the most eco-friendly company in our industry!

When you use CaregiverMatch to find home care hours, you are also helping the Earth!  Here are a few factors that contribute to our eco-friendly program.

No Office Space

CaregiverMatch is a 100% mobile business. All our home care and technical experts use home offices, which minimizes our carbon footprint by not driving to and from work everyday, and by not using all the utilities in office buildings, which are one of the biggest contributing carbon polluters.

Paperless Files and Invoicing

CaregiverMatch has been paperless since our inception. All our files are securely backed up so there is no need for printing and storing hard copies of any document.  All our invoices and receipts are sent electronically to both clients and Caregivers, with all payments being made electronically as well. This helps save our planet by using less paper, using less printer cartridges and ink.


Postal services are and also using less postal services, who through their deliveries emit a lot of carbon pollution.

Minimal Office Supplies

Because we have a paperless company, the need for office supplies is minimal.  In Canada and the US, over 4 million disposable pens are thrown out each year! Our need for pens, paper, post-it notes, and other stationary is completely minimized.

Office Furniture

Over 17 billion pounds of old office furniture and equipment is thrown into landfills each year. Our business model does not require fancy desks and reception furniture.  Just good quality customer service!

Online Meetings

Our company was built with the vision of reducing the amount of travel needed for meetings.  The vast majority of our team meetings and support calls are done using online platforms to communicate.  This eliminates any carbon pollution that would otherwise be emitted for non-necessary in-person meetings.


All employees sign an agreement that recycling goods is completed at their place of work for CaregiverMatch (often home office).


The vast majority of our company’s advertising is done online. This reduces carbon emissions from the creation of all printed materials that would otherwise be used.

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