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Matching Independent Caregivers Directly with Home Care Clients

The Benefits to You

Find Private Home Care securely, easily, and with full matching capabilities. The benefits to Clients and Caregivers are abound!


√ Set your own wages
√ Make your own hours
√ Build your own Caregiver profile
√ Apply to Job Postings from Clients
√ Get fully insured for your work
√ Get paid by e-transfer after each shift


√ Save Money with No Fees
√ Free Access to Caregiver Database.
√ Track Caregiver Work with GPS.
√ Secure, Easy, Automatic Payments.
√ Free Online Job Postings.
√ Private, Secure Messaging System.

Client Testimonials

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A Senior’s Guide to an Anti-Inflammatory Diet 

Everyone needs to be thinking about a healthy diet, not as a way to lose weight or cure health problems, but as a way to be healthy all the time. Not every condition responds merely to dietary choices, but in the lives of seniors, an anti-inflammatory diet could prevent or reduce symptoms of chronic joint pain like arthritis.

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The Early Signs of Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Having a professional support system in place is imperative in managing the disease. Dementia is a general term for an array of symptoms produced by various brain disorders. Alzheimer’s is the most prevalent strain of dementia. One of the biggest fears for seniors and their families is the onset of Alzheimer’s

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Discussing Home Care with Your Aging Parents

Broaching the subject of home care with a senior parent can be a challenging and possibly intimidating task. It can be difficult for some to even recognize and accept that an elderly parent may need in-home assistance. Then, getting them to agree to it may seem impossible. However, there are some helpful suggestions and strategies

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